Providing Biblical, Christian Counseling when you don't know where to turn.  Discouraged?  Hurt?  Confused?  Worried?  Uncertain about your future?  Struggling with a relationship?  Family conflicts? Marriage tension?  Let's see if I can help you out.   I have been helping people for over 35 years. 

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For over 35 years I have been providing Biblical Christian counseling to individuals and couples as they build relationships,  raise their children, establish careers, work through roadblocks, overcome adversity, and basically just manage the challenges of their life.   I haven't seen everything, but I have seen a lot.  As a Christian pastoral counselor I hope to help you find a better outcome with your life.  Send me a note.  I'd be honored to help you out.    I am married for 39 years, and have 3 grown "adults".  I am a grandfather 3 times.  

Compassion with Competence


I was ordained as a clergy member in 1980.   I am a Canadian by birth and trained at the Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Texas.  I pastored 3 different churches--one in Winnipeg, and two in the Vancouver Canada area.  I have been providing Christian counseling from the beginning. My approach is to balance compassion with wisdom.  I use  Scripture, experience, common sense, intuition, prayer and conversation to generate insight.  Let's use them all.   Sometimes you need a hug, sometimes you need a shot of reality.  

Supportive Journey


Christian counseling is uniquely valuable.  Here is how I approach it.  Most counselors integrate some dimension of "spirituality".  I respect that. My starting point is that there is a God, and His involvement with our lives is neither random or smothering.  He's doing something even in the midst of our chaos.  The first 30 minutes is  "free".  We talk about what you are up against, what you want to see happen, and I try to get a feel for things.  I then design a 5 or 6 session plan.  All sessions are  60 minutes and happen via on-line or conference call, at your most serviceable time.   I live in Vancouver, BC but have clients across North America.  I work in the Pacific Time zone.  We meet weekly or every second week.  Between sessions you get to work on your "homework"!   I treat each person individually.  


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